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How to have a successful and original corporate event?

Published on: 29-09-2021

The results are in, the company has achieved its objectives. It's time to take the pressure off and reward the teams. It's time to think about organising a company event that will bring everyone together in a good mood. But how to be original? Don't repeat the same thing as last year, even if the employees were happy? Floreal explains how not to make a mistake.

The recipe to make your seminar or teambuilding original and unforgettable

There are a number of ideas that should be explored before embarking on the organisation of an unusual corporate event:

Teambuilding group
  • The goal of the event: the choice of activities and venue for your corporate event should be based on the stated objectives of this festive gathering. You will not choose the same entertainment if you want to close ranks within the team as if you just want to reward workers after a year of hard work, or if you just want to recharge the batteries.
  • Find a new activity each year: last time, the Brazilian evening went very well, but a new evening on this theme will not work. Your employees want to be surprised. There are more ideas in several heads than in one, create a small group in charge of the organisation to be more efficient.
  • Take into account the profile of the participants: you are a fan of karaoke and want to share it with your employees, but it is apparently not their cup of tea. Just as certain sports activities may not appeal to the women in the company, a more "girly" event may leave your male employees wanting more. Therefore, analyse the profile of those you invite before choosing the team building activities. If you know that they love the sea, a company event in Blankenberge could be just the thing for them.
  • Keep it a secret until the end... but not too much: keep the surprise effect until the last moment. But still give some clues about the organised activities; for example: if it is necessary to provide specific clothing, or if your company seminar will last several days and accommodation is included. And why not, some time beforehand, propose a little fun riddle that will put the participants on the right track, without completely lifting the veil of mystery.


The web is full of original ideas for setting up a team building event that will go down in the annals of the company and that can be adapted to your needs. In five minutes of research, you will already have a whole panel of activities, each more atypical than the other:

  • Vintage parties: the 60s, 70s and 80s are back in force. Why not go back in time by proposing a fancy dress party and the musical entertainment that goes with it; a real orchestra or disc jockey from the era.
  • Have your portrait drawn: by inviting a caricaturist to sketch each employee, you are sure to give them a nice souvenir to hang on their office wall.
  • Who if who: ask the participants to fill in a Chinese portrait with about ten questions and, thanks to this, find out in teams who is who in the room. A good opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • Virtual reality for fun: by opting for an activity with virtual reality headsets you will be at the forefront of the digital trend. Connect your employees and take them into a parallel universe.
  • Hypnosis session for everyone: we know the traditional magician who passes from table to table, leaving their occupants perplexed once he has left. "Where's the trick?" The new version of "where's the trick" is hypnosis, an animation that is becoming fashionable. Who will dare to try it?


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