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Rules and regulations Camper park Blankenberge


  • Camper park Blankenberge is solely and exclusively intended for overnight stays with a motorhome. Other forms of camping accommodation such as a caravan or tent are not permitted at the camper park.
  • Everyone should refrain from any action that could cause damage to the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the camper park. In case of improper behavior and vandalism, the premises must be left immediately.


  • Camperpark Blankenberge is fully automated. We do not use a reception, but a payment terminal. Every holidaymaker is obliged to check himself and his fellow travelers in at the payment terminal upon arrival ("self-service check-in"). This check-in is also mandatory with respect to our obligation to maintain a guest register, so that in the event of an emergency, we know how many people are present on the site. For security reasons it is not possible to pay with cash!
  • If, upon inspection, it is found that holidaymakers, including fellow travelers or third parties are staying on the site, without having been checked in, the agreement will be terminated with immediate effect, without refund of paid accommodation expenses and/or other services already paid.


  • A maximum of 1 motorhome per pitch is allowed, possibly with a trailer and/or a boat or car towed behind the motorhome.
  • Due to the preservation of grass on the pitches, it is not permitted to place additional tents on the pitch and/or to convert the canopy into an awning. Placing a party tent on the pitch is also not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to prune the grass on the pitch yourself.
  • The holidaymaker is not permitted to give or rent out the pitch rented by him or her to other fellow travelers and/or third parties who are not traveling in his or her motorhome.
  • It is forbidden to discharge your waste water and chemical toilet on or near the pitch. Your waste water and chemical toilet must be discharged into the appropriate facilities.
  • It is forbidden to carry out repairs on the motorhome or have other work done at the camper park or on the pitch, unless explicit permission has been granted by Floreal Holidays.
  • The holidaymaker is obliged to keep his pitch clean during his stay. The pitch must be left clean and tidy upon departure.
  • Power consumption (16 amps) is limited to 1 motorhome per pitch. Coupling a power supply from 1 pitch to another is strictly prohibited.


  • Check-in possible from 12.00 pm (12 noon)


  • On the day of departure, the camper park must be vacated no later than 12.00 pm (12 noon). If you did not leave on time, the barrier at the exit can no longer be opened with your access / payment code. In that case we will charge you an extra night that you must first pay at the payment terminal before you can leave the camper park via the barrier at the exit.
  • If you want to extend your stay, please indicate this as soon as possible at the payment terminal.
  • In the event of early departure or removal, there will be no refund of costs already paid, unless a doctor’s certificate can be provided in case of illness.

Night’s rest

  • Night’s rest must be respected between 10 pm and 8 am.


  • Open fire: it is absolutely forbidden to make an open fire, such as a campfire. Fire pits and fire pots, etc. are also prohibited.
  • Barbecuing is permitted, provided that this is done safely and at least 50 cm above the grass, to keep the grass from catching fire. No nuisance may be caused to other holidaymakers, for example with smoke. Always have a bucket of water close at hand. Due to the risk of fire, we recommend that you have an approved fire extinguisher of at least 2kg in your motorhome.
  • The charcoal barbecues must be emptied into the appropriate container in our service area.
  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • No washing lines may be hung on the infrastructure or lampposts, a drying rack is permitted.
  • Access to the camper park, toilet block, discharge area and waste sorting area are under camera surveillance. These images can and/or will be used to prevent crimes and to prevent and prove illegal dumping and vandalism.
  • Generators are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • In case of fire, please gather at the meeting point between the miniature golf and the playground.


  • The camper park is always open day and night, all year round. The pitches must always be left clean and free of waste. Waste is sorted correctly and deposited in the appropriate containers: paper and cardboard, PMD (plastic bottles, cans and bricks), glass and residual waste are separated. It is not permitted to dispose of bulky household waste in the container(s). Chemical toilet must be discharged into the provided space; waste water must be discharged into the sewer chamber. It is forbidden to discharge waste water on your pitch.
  • It is forbidden to leave litter or cigarette butts in the camper park.
  • For everyone’s safety, defects are immediately reported to Floreal Holidays via the intercom at the payment terminal.
  • A maximum speed of 15km/h applies to the camping park. Private zones are not to be entered.
  • It is forbidden to park on the main road and secondary road.
  • It is not permitted to trade or advertise at the camper park.


  • Pets are allowed provided they are kept on a leash at all times and the owners of the animals are responsible for cleaning up the droppings. If not, a fine of € 50.00 will follow. Pets may never be left alone in the motorhome or on the property.
  • Pets must be walked outside the camper park or in the provided dog toilet. Droppings – both in the camper park and outside – must be cleaned up immediately and put in a closed bag in the residual waste container.
  • A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per motorhome.

Heated toilet block

  • Use the personal access code on your ticket. The access code is only valid during your stay.
  • We keep the toilet block as clean as possible. Can you work with us to keep it that way? Order and cleanliness in the showers and toilets is pleasant for everyone.
  • Smoking is not permitted in all areas of the toilet block (showers, toilets and dishwashing area, information area). Please deposit any cigarettes (cigarette butts) in the designated facilities outside the building when entering; do not throw them on the street, nor leave them in bins or flush them in the toilets, etc..
  • The toilets and showers may only be used for the purpose for which they are intended.
  • Please ensure that the toilet block and its surroundings do not become a play area for children.
  • Chemical toilet is not emptied in the toilets. Discharging takes place at the provided location opposite the toilet block.
  • The toilet block is cleaned on a regular basis.
  • For hygienic reasons, the dishes are not done in the shower area. This must be done in the dishwashing area. Should you ignore this, you risk a fine of € 50.00.

Emergency numbers

  • Fire brigade/ ambulance/police: 112
  • Local police Blankenberge: 0032(0) 50 98 42
  • Poison control center: 0032(0) 70 245 245
  • General Practitioner out of hours service: 1733,
  • Pharmacy out of hours service: 0032 (0) 903 99 000,

If the emergency services are notified, please also call the following number to allow them access: 0032 (0) 50 43 21 11.


  • The agreement concluded between the parties does not include surveillance. Floreal Holidays therefore does not accept any liability whatsoever for burglary, theft or loss of property of the holidaymaker. In the event of absence, the holidaymaker must properly close his motorhome and take preventive measures against burglary and/or theft. Furthermore, Floreal Holidays accepts no liability for any damage whatsoever to the property of the holidaymaker as well as with regard to physical injury and/or any other damage caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of the use of the facilities at the camper park, unless the damage was directly caused by or on behalf of Floreal Holidays and this liability is not excluded in these Rules and Regulations.
  • The term “holidaymaker” also includes fellow travelers and third parties.
  • The holidaymaker is liable for all damage caused by him or his fellow travelers. Damage caused by the holidaymaker to the camper park’s infrastructure, installations or equipment must be reported immediately to Floreal Holidays and must be compensated on site, or be reimbursed after a damage assessment has been made by Floreal Holidays.
  • Floreal Holidays also does not accept any liability for shortcomings as a result of the use of (the facilities of) the camper park or as a result of other services offered by or on behalf of Floreal Holidays, unless the holidaymaker can demonstrate that Floreal Holidays is at fault.

Is something not clear in our regulations? Then please contact us via the intercom at the payment terminal or go to the reception of the holiday park Floreal Blankenberge.

We wish you a very pleasant stay at Camperpark Floreal Blankenberge !