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OITS an active partner

The International Social Tourism Organisation

The International Social Tourism Organisation (OITS) was founded in Belgium  by Arthur Haulot in 1963 for the promotion of social tourism on an international level.
The headquarters of the OITS are situated in Brussels and it regroups 170 active organisations in 35 countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

The OITS is composed of different structures fromthe member countries. They include : associations,co-operatives, friendly societies, unions, national administrations, local and regional authorities, universities, foundations, etc....


Since 2006 the organisation has been based upon the grand principles enounced in the "Montreal Declaration,of the Rights of Man". In order to promote social tourism the mission of OITS is to raise the awarness of the different competent authorities concerning the social policies of tourism and good practises facilitating the going on holiday of the greatest number. To further these objectives oITS initiated the Eurpean Forum as well as the Worldwide Congress for Social Toursim. The organisation conducts studies concerning social tourism and participates in international and European projects (Calypso, Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, etc...)

The OITS aims to become a true platform for exchanges and services for its members, including Floreal, promoting tourism sustainable a different levels (economic, social,...) offering both solidarity and acessibility for all.

Did you know....?

  • In 2011, according to a study by Europ Assistance, 66% of Belgians went on holiday (+ 4 consecutive nights) which means that 34% did not go on holiday for various reasons but mostly financial ones.
  • Belgians preferred destinations in 2011 were : France (34%), Spain (12%), Italy (11%), Turkey (7%) and finally Greece (4%) for stays of an aveage 14 days during the summer holidays.
  • The Belgians average holiday budget in 2011 was :2.865 € (1.619,- for hotels and catering and 1.245,- € for travel).
  • The clientele of social tourism centres in Wallonia is as follows: 30% office workers, 19.5% retired, 11.5% blue collar workers. Then comme the students, teachers, self-employed, managers, housewives (and husbands) and the jobless. Only 7.5% of those who replied were handicapped or accompaied a handicapped person.


Leader in the social tourism sector in Belgium Floreal group offers a real alternative to those qui wish to discover Wallonia and Flanders.

Floreal participates actively in the actions of the OITS via the European projects (Calypso).